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Requiem for Two Falcon Favorites

News broke today that the Falcons are releasing two cornerstones of their success over the past five years.  Change is hard but a necessary fact of life, so while I understand the moves, they are two bitter pills to down in one day.  Here I honor both.

Dear Michael Turner,

Michael TurnerOn September 7, 2008, my father and I were there in the Dome to watch you help usher in a new era of Atlanta Falcons football.

After taking the ball from a rookie named Ryan with a rookie head coach on the sideline, you rumbled for a Falcons record 220 yards and two TD’s on only 22 carries.  I think the stadium needed some reinforcing after the fan enthusiasm you inspired that day; I know I jumped so much I might as well have been on a trampoline.

Since then, you’ve rushed for over six thousand yards and scored 60 touchdowns. There is no way the Falcons would be where they are today without your tree trunk legs bowling through opposing defenses over the past five seasons.

And you’ve done it with class, smiling all the way. I always loved seeing you cross the goal line and celebrating professionally as though you’d done it a thousand times before.

I don’t know where you’re going from here, but you’ve been one of my favorite Falcons players, and I wish you all the best!

Dear John Abraham,

Well, I guess Mr. Dimitroff must have his eyes set on a pretty good prospect to let you go.

For most of your seven seasons in Atlanta, you have been the Falcons pass rush.  Your nearly 70 sacks are a third of the team’s total over that period, and so many of them came at critical moments to help preserve victory.

Your sack of Miami’s Chad Pennington after steamrolling Jake Long a few years back will always be one of my all-time favorite sacks.


Like Mr. Turner, you have never made the team about you. You’ve been a team player all the way, and I sure will miss seeing you in the black and red on game days going forward!

Peace to you both!

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