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Friday Five – The Eyes Nose!

A friend of mine once said, “We artistic types are always seeing things that aren’t really there!”

You can find a couple examples of that HERE and HERE.

I occasionally imagine nostrils as eyes, like below . . .

Mutant animal noses

So, I had to chuckle when I stumbled upon this find from a like mind on Pinterest . . .

Dog Noses

Which brings me to this week’s Friday Five.  I thought, hey, why not take a sampling of different noses and make them eyes?

I hope you enjoy (and aren’t too scared to ever come back to Falcone’s Crossroads again)!

The Eyes Nose!

Have a great weekend, Everyone!


One comment on “Friday Five – The Eyes Nose!

  1. pouringmyartout
    March 2, 2013


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