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Wednesday Wordplay – Deja Vu Redo

My son Caleb recently told me, “A few years ago, I had déjà vu about today.”

Whoa there, Sparky!  Let’s just think about that one for a minute.

Inception MirrorsDéjà vu is a French expression meaning, literally, “already seen”, so by definition, it is retrospective in nature.   The opposite of déjà vu is a premonition.  Caleb meant to say that he’d had a premonition of this moment a few years ago and was now having déjà vu as a result.

Wild stuff there. Call it a remonition. Reminds me of facing two mirrors toward each other and glimpsing their infinite reflections.

If you’re like me (and I’m sorry if you are), you start thinking things like, if you have déjà vu about a premonition you once had, does that mean you’re just having another premonition?  And if so, then what is your premonition about if not about itself?  And if a premonition is only foretelling itself, then is it even a premonition at all or just some paradoxically clever brain-fart marketing itself as something deeper?  Because, really, that’s just basic awareness, right?

Interesting.  Feels like I’ve written this all before.

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