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Friday Five: Random Musings

Nothing too fancy this week; just a sampling of the kind of clunky things that topple out of my ear when I shake my head sideways.

  1. Otterbox for iPhone 4I have an Otterbox for my iPhone to protect it from clumsy drops, but every time I’ve ever clumsily dropped it has been directly because of the Otterbox.  At least the Otterbox protects it from itself; it’s like the villain and the hero, the yin and the yang.
  2. It’s amazing how many ways I can miss a trash can.  It truly defies the laws of physics.
  3. I’ll never understand why the pocket on the “back” of a back-pack is considered the “front” pocket?  Maybe for the same reason the top of a top hat is call its bottom?  No, because it’s NOT!
  4. Sometimes, I think it would be amazing to dive headlong into unbridled creativity, without any regard for worldly bonds or responsibilities.  Some would call that “insanity”.  Maybe.  But I wouldn’t want the paranoia.  And you have to admit that there would be something a little suspicious about insanity without paranoia.
  5. I once heard that cats have a tendency toward schizophrenia, which made me wonder if perhaps I’m a cat. Then I realized that a cat could never think so logically.

    I’d be a cool cat, though.

Cat nap

Have a GREAT weekend, Everyone!




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