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Weigh Station 2013: Week 4

I feel like such a slug right now!

I underestimated the difficulty of getting back to the “primal” swing while adapting to life with a new baby.  That’s right, I’m blaming the one person in my household who can’t defend herself!  No, I’m kidding of course.  But with the baby has come lots of “easy eating” thanks to the kindness of many friends and donated meals.

But after the past month of fairly steady carb intake (Christmas then baby), it’s amazing how different I feel.  My joints ache. I am drowsier. My belt even seems to be shrinking!  And I’m still over fifty pounds under my high!  I can’t imagine what I would feel like with that extra fifty!

I’m fighting to focus instead on how good it will feel to shed the next fifty. I’m caught in a fragile battle of will right now, praying that I persevere and can quickly get back on the right track.  Meantime, many of my supporters are rightfully reminding me that my present circumstances are only short-term.

The catch will be whether I can be sure my eating habits remain short-term. Because I’m not feeling good about them presently, I feel pretty good about my chances of getting back on the right track. Time will tell on that one.

For now, I’m up another few ounces over last week, but I consider that a positive. My main concern for this week was keeping things below 260.  I anticipate staying fairly flat again for the next week, after which we should be back in full control of the food that enters our house.

Now, where was that brownie . . . 

weekly weigh-in 012713


4 comments on “Weigh Station 2013: Week 4

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  3. John
    January 30, 2013

    You are goign the wrong direction, get focused! But good for you for posting even when things aren’t going well. Best of luck staying under 260!

  4. Grande Falcone
    January 30, 2013

    Thanks John. This weekend I plan to go back and read from where I started and try to get my head back in the game.

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