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New “Weigh Station” at the Crossroads!

If you’ve peeked around the different categories here at Falcone’s Crossroads, you’ve probably noticed a “street” based theme.  For instance, “Loafers Lane” is a place to idly stroll through topics of varying unimportance in life’s grand scheme, while “Periodicals Parkway” features weekly recurring themes like The Monday Jump and Friday Five.

Just my “ingeniously clever” attempt at being “ingeniously clever” in maintaining coherence at a blog specifically aimed at incoherence.

Today, in keeping with the theme, I introduce a new category: “The Weigh Station”.

You might have read about my “Tip the Scales 2012!” challenge last year, where I attempted to lose 100 pounds.  I fell short of the goal but made some great progress.  Last year, I maintained my updates on a separate website.  This year, I’ve brought the “Tip the Scales” content into Falcone’s Crossroads under the heading of “The Weigh Station”.

Here, I will post weekly updates on my efforts to lose weight, insights I pick up along the way, and some stunning photographs of my feet.  If you, too, are locked in the constant struggle to lose weight, hopefully you’ll find me a kindred spirit, and we can support each other on our road toward better health.

As always, feel free to “weigh in” at any time!

Week 1
I took the last ten days of 2012 off from my new, low-carb lifestyle.  Based on past weekend-long breaks, I knew my weight would jump significantly, but I also believed I could rebound equally quickly once I got back on track.  So, I enjoyed the holidays.

Man, did I!

After a few days, I was feeling a little run down, but I had given myself through the end of the year to “live it up”, so I persevered.  I ate Christmas candy here and there, nachos, ice cream . . . carbs, carbs, carbs, all the while resisting the urge to step on the scales.

By New Year’s Eve, I lost a hole on my belt and could again feel the “fat suit” sensation when running up stairs.   I was interested to see what ten days of “old-school eating” would do to my scales.  Again, after last year, I really wasn’t concerned about any setback, feeling like I could compartmentalize the ten-day splurge and get back on the plan on New Year’s Day.

The result still shocked me: 264.9 pounds. Up 19.3 pounds in just ten days!   “Old-school Steve” would’ve thought about it over a doughnut.

Not this guy.  I’ve come too far.

Here I am five days later back down 13.2 pounds and feeling pretty good.  This week, I’ll start re-incorporating some exercise and hope to be fully back on track next week.

Meanwhile, the Lord’s blessed me with a little extra spark to help me do my best in the new year, through some friends who have established a “Biggest Loser” style challenge.  The challenge will go into May, which fits nicely with my new goal of losing my remaining 40 pounds by my 40th birthday on May 25th.  The contest includes a decent little cash prize, too, so I’m looking forward to giving it my best!

Now for my official 2013 baseline!

weekly weigh-in 010813

210.6, here I come!


3 comments on “New “Weigh Station” at the Crossroads!

  1. Elizabeth
    January 6, 2013

    I am, as always, impressed with your perseverance. I know that you will accomplish your goals long term, even if you do have some slip ups here and there. We all do, we’re human. Kudos on the weight you have lost and kept off.

  2. Grande Falcone
    January 6, 2013

    Thanks Liz!

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