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Wednesday Wordplay – Thank God I never IM’d a Dutchman!

Stupid autocorrect e-cardIf you haven’t noticed, E-Cards are everywhere these days.  They were cute at first, but they have really started getting on my nerves lately.  Nevertheless, the one pictured at right struck me funny.

The autocorrect monster has bitten me a few times lately.

You see, I have this alternate spelling I like to use for the word “dude”.  I spell it “dood”.  I picked up the habit from an acquaintance years ago and it stuck.  Something subtle about the “oo” that just sits right with me.

Anyway, I’ve recently noticed that when I type “Hey dood” into my instant messenger, it gets converted to “Het dood”.   Naturally, the first time it happened, I figured I must have simply mistyped it.  After all, who would have thought autocorrect would flag the “Hey” and endorse the “dood”?

This isn’t the airport, after all; it’s OK to profile the words that simply look suspicious. But no, apparently of the two words, autocorrect determines “Het” to be more correct than “Hey”.

Which begs the question, just what the heck kind of word is “Het”, anyway?

Dutch, apparently.

The DudeAfter the third autocorrect “strike”, I dusted off my trusty old Google translator for a little detective work.

Apparently “Het” in Dutch equates to the “The” in English.  Huh. Who knew the Dutch were dyslexic?

So, in effect, “Hey dood” becomes “The dood”.  As Jeff Bridges might say, “Far out, man.”

But that was only half the mystery, so I couldn’t stop there. What about the “dood” in “The dood”?  Turns out the “dood” is Dutch, too.


Thank God I never IM’d a Dutchman!  Who knew “Hey dude” could ever be misconstrued as “The death”?  Probably not the best international greeting.

We live in a funny world, friends, made ever funnier when our technological “efficiencies” fall short.


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