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Someday (Seems so Far Away)

The song “Someday” came to me while I mowed the back yard one day.  I actually first “heard” it as a reggae song, but it ultimately settled into the standard, punchy folk tune you hear here.

Around this time, my wife found out that the husband of an acquaintance was putting together a basement studio and offered to record some my music at no charge.  I immediately had visions of putting together a complete album, kicking down the walls of my cubicle, and changing the world.

Unfortunately, my time was too constrained and my skills too amateur to achieve my desired level of output, and that window of opportunity soon closed as my acquaintance was forced to relocate for work.

In the end, “Someday” is the only song I was able to complete in that basement studio, and my “rock-star dreams” resigned to the side-stage, for the time leaving its lyrics ironically self-fulfilling.  Nevertheless, recording under a producer’s guidance had offered invaluable lessons that have since guided me in better producing my own tracks.

© Music and lyrics copyrighted by Steve McCormack


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