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Fonzie Falcone

When I was a kid, Fonzie was my hero. I loved his black leather jacket and how he could just bang on something to make it work.  Let’s just say, he appealed to my id.

In fact, I frequently “rocked around the clock” with this very mug full of hot cocoa.  Unfortunately, the cocoa never stayed hot for long, because the mug was just that cool.

Well, somewhere in the recesses of my person, I have wanted a nice leather jacket ever since those old, “happy days”, and last week, I finally bought one.  And got a great deal!  The jacket had a regular price of $425 but was on a special sale for $99.99.  Throw in a storewide coupon for another 20% off and another 20% off for opening a line of credit, and I took it home for $64 plus tax.  How’s that for tossing midlife crisis heat with age-wisened sensibility?  Heyyyyyy, as the Fonz himself might say, pretty cool.

Now, I do probably need to drop a few more pounds before it fits me as it should, but I’m delighted to say that for the first time in well over a decade, I didn’t have to get an XXL or even an XL . . . I got a plain-old, “itty-bitty” Large!   And now I’m sure you can see the resemblance below!

No? Try squinting a little . . .

Still no?  OK, try closing your eyes altogether; you’re obviously hopeless!

Postscript: Only while drafting this post did I discover that Fonzie was once a member of a gang called “The Falcons”!  How cool is that? It’s cosmic, I tell ya! Cosmic!


3 comments on “Fonzie Falcone

  1. mdmack
    October 26, 2012

    Great Looks nice. Am eager to see it. Love you, M


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