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Week 42 – Chip, Chip, Chippin’ Away

Tuesday morning, I finally had a good drop, down to 245.5 pounds. My astute powers of mathematical deduction led me to proclaim to my wife, “If I can just hold it until Sunday, then I’ll officially be at 70 pounds lost, then I can go ahead and start stressing about getting to 75!”

A moment later, I realized that a couple beads on the abacus in my head must’ve been stuck; my total lost was actually only 65.  I cursed at the realization then chuckled that I could just lose track of five pounds at this point.

Forget 75, 70, or even 66 at this point . . . just pushing for 65.  My weight this morning is 246.4, which puts me solidly at 64 pounds lost. A new low, and when I take a step back, it’s frustrating to still be shy of 65 but at the same time, I performed valiantly factoring in celebrations for two of my kids’ birthdays this week.

Today I’m cutting myself a little slack and enjoying a few things I passed up on during the week.

I went in for six-month bloodwork on Friday and will be very interested to see the results. I’ll post them here when I receive them, but meantime, there were a couple positives I took away.  For one, my blood pressure was 124/72, my lowest diastolic number since I began tracking in March 2010!

Stay tuned for further results this week!  As always, thanks for all your continued support!


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