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Week 40 – GRRRRR . . .

Up today.  After being flat all week. 

It’s clear that I’m hitting a very frustrating point in my challenge, because, well, I’m very frustrated.

I’ve gone without my walk/runs for almost two weeks now because pain from shin splints, but I hadn’t noticed any difference in weight loss when I was diligently exercising. And I’ve cut back on my carbs accordingly. 

Plan for now is just to stay the course for another week and hope for progress. I know I’m on the right track and making progress overall. Just aspiring for a more aggressive timeline, as we all know. 

Here’s renewing my call for prayers to help me keep my focus on the big picture and not let my frustrations “inspire” any unreasonable slips.


4 comments on “Week 40 – GRRRRR . . .

  1. WQLY950
    October 7, 2012

    Another friend (I’ll name-names over lunch, but “Don” for now) hit a wall coming down from 300+ at around the 260 mark. His dietician saw that his salt intake was on the rise as his carb intake went down. The culprits apparently were processed meats and sugar-free (but sodium-rich) diet drinks. Subsequently reducing salt from his diet while taking a mild, physician-prescribed diuretic saw him pee-away 16-lbs in 3-weeks. He was stunned (happily-so). Now solidly below the 250-mark and soon to come off the diuretic, he’s satisfied with the slower but persistent loss from a combined carb/sedentary/sodium mitigation regimen. Anyway, If you’ve not considered the fluid percentage of your overall weight matrix check with your doctor: There may be more than a few pounds ready to flush-out.

  2. Grande Falcone
    October 7, 2012

    Robert, as always, sage feedback. Many thanks. Now that I think about it, my sodium intake has probably been on the uptick, including frequency of diet sodas. I’ll be mindful of that this week.

  3. Monteith, Debra
    October 9, 2012

    Hi Steve –

    Shin splints are terrible and all you can do is ice them and try to get through the pain. I ran track in high school and in Minnesota we had to train inside in the spring. I could hardly walk for from the pounding on concrete and wood for the first two weeks. As an adult I have found my treadmill is the best way to avoid shin splints – we all need a cushioned surface as an adult if we do not want shin splints or knee injuries. Do you have one?

    You are an inspiration with your weight loss and continued pursuit to lose more pounds.

    I am cheering for youJ!


    Deb Monteith

    VP of Sales, Global Accounts

    TTM Technologies



  4. Grande Falcone
    October 9, 2012

    Thanks Deb. I appreciate the suggestion, but I just can’t do a treadmill. So much work to stay in one place! I did walk 4.5 miles today, though.

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