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Week 37: Surged past 60!

Phew! Finally hit a new milestone . . . I really love saying that!

I weighed in at 249.1 pounds this morning.  That’s a drop of 5.6 pounds from last week (!) but more importantly a drop of 2.3 pounds from my previous low of 251.4!  This brings my total lost so far to 61.5 pounds!

Stretch Goal
As I acknowledged when creating TS2012!, 100 pounds for the year is a stretch goal. I crunched some numbers today just to assess how much of a stretch that goal remains at this point.  
The answer? Quite a stretch.  

To meet my 100 pound goal by Christmas, I must average losing 2.75 lbs/week from here out.  By comparison, I have thus far lost an average of 1.71 lbs/week. 

Does that mean my target is out of reach?  By no means.  A couple points give me hope:

  • At the 3-month mark of my challenge, I had lost an average of 2.75 lbs/week, so that rate is achievable (and healthily so) under the right circumstances.
  • I was tracking at greater than 2 lbs/week weight loss right up until my summer plateau time-frame.
  • Even though that average for the first six months seems a little elevated due to the “easier” weight loss at the front end, I hope that the plateau’s “silver lining” is a reset baseline by which I can once again achieve aggressive numbers now that I’ve adjusted my strategy.   Consider my last two weeks of loss: 3.5 lbs total two weeks ago (then, ahem, ignore last week) then 2.3 lbs total this week; that’s a 2.9 lbs average for those two weeks.

Long story abbreviated, it should be an exciting finish, so STAY TUNED!

By the Numbers . . .
With 36 weeks down and 14 more to go, I’ve crunched a few numbers. 

  • 61.5 – Total pounds lost
  • 20% – Amount of my starting weight that I have lost so far
  • $3,270 – Total pledges to date based on achieving 100-lb goal
  • $1,948 – Total donations “vested” at 61.5 lbs lost.
  • 2.75 – Required average pounds lost-per-week going forward to reach 100 pounds by Christmas
  • 1.71 – Average pounds lost-per-week through first 36 weeks
  • 85.5 – Forecasted total weight lost if maintain 1.71 lbs/week through Christmas
  • 4/8/12 – The last time my average weekly loss was at 2.75
  • 8 – The number of weeks that passed between hitting 50 and 55 lbs lost. This is the stretch that I must overcome.  Prior to July, I was ahead of schedule; now I play catch-up.

If you’d like to add your support to Tip the Scales 2012!, please email me your pledge today at tipthescales2012@gmail.com!



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