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Great post from another blog I follow. She makes some great points; I hope you’ll check it out.

roses near running waters

As the election creeps closer and closer, the political ads are even more prominent.  Something about the election is featured in every news broadcast.  Every commercial break holds at least one political ad.  It saddens me to see the turn that these ads have taken.  With all the issues that face this nation right now, much of the political agenda has been focused on a women’s choice lately.  And the problem is not one sided.  The Obama campaign is pouring money into ads with women stating how frightened they are by their rights being threatened because of Romney’s previous “support” of ending Planned Parenthood and fighting abortion.  On the opposite end, Romney’s campaign has denied many of these claims and does not clearly state his position at all.  The reason these ads sadden me so is that it has taken a touchy issue, twisted it, and made it the face…

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