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Falcone’s Friday Five: Classic College Football Plays!

Can you smell that? College football kicked off last night. If you’re like me, the air just smells a little sweeter this time of year.

To help kick off the new season, here are five plays that demonstrate why I love college football.

5) Run Lindsay Run! This is one of my earliest football memories and a highlight in a season of highlights for Georgia fans.

4) Puntrooskie! I know Clemson fans who are still sick about this one. Legendary FSU coach Bobby Bowden was always known to roll the dice, but none were bigger than this.

3) Teague strips Miami! One of the most incredible individual defensive plays I’ve ever seen, and that’s not just because I loathe Miami. The ‘Canes were juggernauts, and yet Alabama’s defensive speed schooled Miami to give the Tide the national title. Funny thing is that this play was called back by penalty, but the psychological impact was undeniable.

2) 15 Laterals! Trinity had two seconds on the clock to run one last gasp play to defeat Millsaps College, and in a play that took 15 laterals and 62 seconds to complete, they stole victory.

1) Boise State Fairytale! After a first half that put me to sleep, I kicked myself the next morning when I saw how this game ended. The final play culminated one of the craziest last few minutes of any game in history and led to a wedding proposal that followed the winning score. Pure magic!

Do you have any special plays that stand out in your memories of college football? Throw them in Comments below!


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