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Post-Beach Reset

I just returned from a week long R&R at Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

Vacation’s a challenging time to maintain a good diet, because you get out of your routine.  You suddenly have down time, frequent meals out, etc..

Still, I did very well for the first half of our vacation. I promised the kids we’d have pizza on Sunday after my weekly weigh-in, and when the time came, I had more than I should have.  The idea was to get right back on the “TS2012 train”, but instead, I progressively drifted further and further off-track for the remainder of vacation.

It is just amazing how quickly the tide can change with the re-introduction of processed carbs into a diet.  Not only am I up about six pounds from Sunday, but also my energy has wavered, and daily headaches that plagued me before I “went primal” returned.

I just feel pretty “YUCK”!

Yesterday was probably the single least-disciplined day I’ve had this year.  Today is for bouncing back, and tomorrow is for reclaiming my “Friday Fast,” after taking a break from it last Friday.

It will be interesting to see how quickly my body recovers with some renewed resolve. Check back Sunday evening to see!


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