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Week 30: Slow & Steady, Sand & Surf

Checking in from the midst of my family vacation on the Florida panhandle, with mixed results.

The good news is I was down near my TS2012 low of 255.9 with a current weight of 256.3.  The bad news is, I’d promised the kids that we’d eat pizza today after my weigh-in.  And I did keep my promise . . . boy, did I eat some pizza!

The cool thing I’ve noticed this week, though, is that simply being at the beach is a form of exercise. Walking in sand. Fighting waves. Eating pizza.  Except for the eating part, enjoying the sand and surf is in itself a “slow and steady” workout.

Time to hit the beach again and burn off this pizza!

If you’d like to encourage my pursuit of losing 100 lbs or simply add a little “intrigue” to your philanthropic life, email me your pledge for the Missionaries of the Poor today at tipthescales2012@gmail.com!

Check the FAQ page if you have any questions!


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