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Week 28: . . . And 4 Steps Back

A day late with the update, because we were out of town and forgot to take the official scales with us. Sorry about that.

I’m rather frustrated this morning. At one point last week , I’d actually crossed below 255 lbs.  For that single, fleeting day, I hoped I’d never see above 255 again, but in the few days since, I’ve worked my way back nearly 4 lbs up and nearly 5 weeks back in time.

Thank God I’m still the right side of 50, but achieving 55 has been terribly daunting.  My wife says I’ll get there, but there is not where I need to get. My vision is far beyond, and I am struggling against some mighty snares mid-way.

I’m not eating poorly, but an honest reflection of these last few weeks shows that perhaps I’ve lacked the early diligence I had. The 55-lb barrier is shaping up to be a proverbial crossroads; I need to suck it up, re-solve my resolve, “re-mox” my moxie and move on.  Time’s awastin’.

Please continue your prayers, and if you feel compelled, please help with a monetary boost by pledging a Christmas donation to the Missionaries of the Poor.

Considering my beautiful wife, four children, and abundant blessings, it seems silly that I need further motivation than to simply be my best for them, but seeing donations grow for this charity do help me to fix my resolve to achieve my goal (and it’s been a while since they’ve grown).

Thank you for any and all of your support throughout this challenge!


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