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Week 27 Update: Slow & Steady

Boy, it seems like progress is coming very slowly at this point.  I’m trying to remain thankful for any progress at all.

I am down a pound this week and did manage to hit a new low, but I’m living for 5-lb increments right now; it’s been over a month since my last, when I hit the 50-lb milestone.

The important thing is that I keep moving in the right direction and keep my eyes on the prize.

Kitty Litter Flashback
One interesting insight from this week came when I attempted to race up the stairs holding a 50-lb bag of cat litter. That left my knees aching in a way they haven’t since back in January, when that extra 50-lbs was part of me!

It made me pause to think about what it would be like to carry that cat litter with me everywhere, at all times.  And that’s effectively what my life was back then.

Never again. I just can’t let that ever happen again.

Snack Tips: Kroger Microwave Popcorn
I love popcorn, so it’s discouraging to see the carb information on much of it.  This week, I found that Kroger’s standard microwave butter-flavored popcorn has only 12 net carbs for a 5-cup serving.  Note: it also indicates that there should be 3 servings per bag, while I counted less than two 5-cup servings.  Not sure, therefore, if that means there are 36 net carbs in a full bag or merely the 20 or so counting the number of 5-cup servings.  In either case, that’s pretty tough to beat for an easy, salty treat – especially at $1.25 for 3-bags!


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