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Happy Birthday USA!

Looking forward to a day of burgers and dogs, swimming pools, laughter, and probably a good American ale.

Tonight, as you’re drifting off to the low, random rumbles and pops of the last rogue fireworks, imagine our brothers and sisters around the world whose night detonations aren’t of celebration but of the hope of people trying for what we have and fighting the fear that they’ll never have it.

Thank God for the radical vision of our Founding Fathers and for the courage and sacrifice of all who have given us what we have today!

Here is a pretty cool link where you can zoom in and scroll around the original Declaration of Independence. Your kids might like to see it, too!

Happy Birthday USA!


2 comments on “Happy Birthday USA!

  1. jdsmfgrep
    July 4, 2012

    Amen…..Happy Birthday America…..Home sweet home!!!

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