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Stone Mountain Pizza Cafe – Best Pizza around

Because I’m pursuing a goal of losing 100-lbs this year, I’ve pretty much nixed pizza from my diet.  In fact, today is the first “real” pizza I’ve enjoyed in 2012.  I never thought I’d see the day when I would go six full months without pizza, but, along with my wife, I did it.

And when we did decide to have pizza for a meal, where did we go?  It would seem like a missed opportunity to squander it on any of the many delivery chains nearby. They’re good but just not worth a six month wait, so we cruised down the road to Stone Mountain Pizza Cafe.

Located off Highway 78 east of Stone Mountain, it offers superb versions of standard fare items like salads, subs, and the like, in a friendly, spacious, and appealing atmosphere with lots of flat screens but none of the obnoxious tackiness you might find at some sports bars.

Then, of course, there’s the pizza itself.  The crust and toppings are plentiful and wonderful, but I think it’s the sauce that sets Pizza Cafe apart from other local favorites, like Mellow Mushroom and Enzo’s. It is so fresh tasting and just the right amount for my tastes.

As a bonus, their garlic and Parmesan pretzels are outstanding and come with a side of what all marinara sauces should aspire to be.

I refrained from eating a pretzel today, because I had to maintain some sense of carbohydrate minimalism, but as savored my last bite of “Mountain Avalanche” pizza, after a six month pizza hiatus, three words exploded like fireworks in my mind: “Totally. Worth. It!”

If you’re in the area and haven’t already, make a point of paying the Stone Mountain Pizza Cafe a visit soon!


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