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Week 21: A Moral Victory

Week 20 was a potentially pivotal week for me:  I faced a business trip, my birthday, and our neighborhood pool party.  Cakes, restaurants, vending machines, and the road all present challenges, but I’m satisfied with how I handled it all.

By the grace of God, it seems as though I’ve successfully willed myself blind to the carb-heavy offerings of restaurants.  I didn’t find any struggles during my business trip to California.  One meeting I attended even had a full tray of triple-chocolate chunk brownies and headlight-sized chocolate chip cookies, and I passed with little thought.

My wife wasn’t sure how to handle the “birthday cake dilemma”, so she left it up to me to buy it. Before our dinner date, I shared a Publix mini-cake, about 6″ in diameter, with my family of six plus a niece.  My wife and I then splurged on my birthday dinner at Fogo de Chão, a carb-kicker’s delight, then we split a complimentary slice of their chocolate mousse cake.  We’re finding that, four months into our new lifestyle, splitting an occasional restaurant dessert is plenty.

The verdict for the week? Did I hit the 50-lb milestone? No. Did I have a successful week? Absolutely.

Note about my scale shot for this week: the 262.6 shown below was my weight the morning of my birthday (Friday) . . . after my trip but before my cake. As of this morning, my weight was actually up about a pound over last week, so I’m going to “play the birthday card”, with full confidence that I’ll be back to the weight below in the next day or two and well on my way to crossing 50 by next Sunday.



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