Falcone's Crossroads

Where This Meets That

International Crossroads

Noticing that four different countries – USA, Netherlands, Gabon, and Norway – have visited Falcone’s Crossroads today, it’s time to recognize all those who have visited my blog from abroad.

Since WordPress began tracking this information in February, Falcone’s Crossroads has received visitors from 48 different countries around the globe!

Thank you to all you around the world who have been curious and gracious enough to join me at this “crossroads”.

I truly believe this is what makes the internet, for all its problems, a triumph for mankind. Wipe away cultural, political, and religious ideologies, and we have a profound commonality in our humanity. Of course, we’re shaped heavily by our ideologies, but we’re also in many ways flawed by them.  By giving all peoples – and it will eventually be all peoples, by our vigilance – a forum by which we can cut through our differences and recognize each other first as brothers and sisters in our humanity, the internet is of unprecedented value.

So, thank you again, and I hope you all bring your eyes, minds, and comments back to Falcone’s Crossroads again soon!


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