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Movie Review: The Avengers – 2012, Joss Whedon

When Marvel CEO Avi Arad announced in 2005 plans to develop an Avengers film, I don’t think he could have imagined a better product than the film that hit the screens Friday.

The Avengers is everything a summer blockbuster aspires to be. It’s a rollicking spectacle with a well-conceived script and a big-name cast who deliver trophy performances. Just add a healthy suspension of disbelief, and let the magic happen.

The plot is nothing new: an evil villain seeks to subdue humanity, and our heroes are the world’s only hope for salvation.

Still, the cast has great chemistry, even despite being at each others’ throats much of the film. Our virtually immortal heroes all have their comic flaws, which the movie exploits repeatedly to reassure us that it’s having as much fun entertaining us as we are having being entertained.  If you’ve missed any of the back-stories, don’t worry.  Having only seen the original Iron Man and Captain America, I can vouch for the film’s efficiency in bringing viewers who haven’t seen all its heroes’ origin movies up to speed.

And then there are the top notch special effects.  When armored, whale-like alien giants begin descending out of the wormhole, Captain America asks Iron Man if he’s seeing it. Iron Man replies, “Seeing, but still working on believing.”

Despite its full array of multi-syllabic pseudo-techno-babbling dialogue, which plays true to its comic book fan base, The Avengers is not the type of film to question why on earth do the aliens’ main weapons of mass destruction look like armored whales?  Surely it’s not simply to set up a certain biblical punchline from Stark, but who knows, and who cares?  In other words, don’t work too hard on believing; just take in the grandiose destruction with an equally grandiose bucket of popcorn in lap, and enjoy the ride.

The Avengers score: 4 Falcone Rings!


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