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Human Nature

One thing I love about the Bible is its record of how little mankind has changed over the millennia.

Take the beginning. Back before all the “begats”, when we had only one Adam and one Eve. Naked without shame.

God gives them one simple little rule in order to institute the gift of free will (i.e., “Don’t eat the fruit . . .”).

Eve is tempted and succumbs to the will of the serpent (Freud would be proud). She then pulls Adam into the mix, because hey, misery loves company and she ain’t goin’ out alone!  Adam resists, but hey, naked woman offering fruit?  “I’ll not” quickly becomes, “I’ll bite!

BAM!  Behold, they’re naked and ashamed.

Ashamed of their nakedness? Not quite.

Ashamed of their vulnerability? Possibly.

Ashamed of their ambition? Probably.

Regardless of the nature of their shame, it leads them, nonetheless, to innovate and calculate patterns for strategic anatomical coverage by fig leaves.

The problem?  Fig sap is an irritant, comparable to poison ivy.  So, when God comes moseying through Eden to find Adam and Eve hidden, Lord knows they was itchin’ in places that couldn’t have been too friendly for scratchin’, if you know what I mean.

So comes “the trial”.  God asks the man, and the man (presumably with the non-scratchin’ hand) points at the woman. God asks the woman, and she points at the serpent.

The ageless moral of the story is that we often want to do wrong but don’t want to take responsibility for it, and when we try to cover it up, we only make matters worse.

Think about it.


3 comments on “Human Nature

  1. pouringmyartout
    May 2, 2012

    That story always make me feel as if a parent left some two year olds alone… in a room with a loaded shotgun… and said they could play with anything but the gun… Have fun kids, we will be back in a week…

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