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Week 16: Great Week!

First off, a special thank you to our newest donors for jumping on board!  For the remainder of this challenge, I will continue to do my very best to, er, “carry my weight” by losing my weight. Your generous support is inspiring to me and, quite literally, turning my fat into funding for those less fortunate brothers and sisters in the world.

With our new pledges this week, we’ve broken the $3,000 barrier, so thank you all!

As for my weight, I dropped more than 4 more pounds this week and never even thought about stopping to pick it back up!  My 271 current weight is significant because it means I’ve surpassed my low from last year.

The great thing is that my attitude is totally different from a year ago. By the time  I hit the 40-lb mark then, I was struggling as much as I was succeeding. My will power had worn thin and I had grown resentful of all I was having to give up.  Right now, I am totally at peace with the lifestyle change I am taking on, feeling great, and totally satisfied with the foods I am eating.

If you would like to make a pledge
please email tipthescales2012@gmail.com.


2 comments on “Week 16: Great Week!

  1. simplefitnesstips
    April 22, 2012

    Love the pics of the scale numbers!! Good job.

  2. Grande Falcone
    April 22, 2012

    Thanks for the comment Simplefitnesstips!

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