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Tip the Scales 2012!

It’s hard to believe that over three months have already passed since I first went live with Tip the Scales 2012!

I started this climb from deep in a valley.  I was 311 pounds. My fitness, my attitude, and my spirituality were parched. My knees and back ached. Sometimes, a good sneeze would pull about five different muscles and a couple vertebrae out of place. A stair-climb to my 3rd floor office left me totally out of breath, and when I would run up the steps, I could clearly feel where I ended and the fat began.  You can only understand what I’m talking about if you’ve been there.

When you’re down like that, you just have to scrabble for a handhold and pray for the will to climb.  Through such a prayer, Tip the Scales 2012! was born.

The idea was to find the self-discipline and community support to…

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