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Rediscovering Dark Chocolate

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Chocolate has always been one of my highest dietary hurdles.

Fortunately, back in February, some friends of mine from church (who, incidentally, are very active in Missionaries of the Poor) suggested I try acquiring a taste for dark chocolate.  They recommended starting 60% cacao dark chocolate first and work up from there.

What a godsend! My wife and I now regularly enjoy up to 90% cacao chocolate, albeit usually in combination with something else. I especially enjoy a couple squares dabbed with regular peanut butter (not reduced fat) and some crumbled almonds on top.

On Easter, I ate a Hershey’s milk chocolate egg and actually found I didn’t care much for it.  It seemed more waxy than creamy, so I looked forward to my next square of Ghirardelli Midnight Reverie!

Consider this: a serving of Lindt 90% cacao chocolate nets 7g of carbs versus 25g in an equal sized…

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