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100 Days toward 100 Pounds

It’s hard to believe that over three months have already passed since I first went live with Tip the Scales 2012!

I started this climb from deep in a valley.  I was 311 pounds. My fitness, my attitude, and my spirituality were parched. My knees and back ached. Sometimes, a good sneeze would pull about five different muscles and a couple vertebrae out of place. A stair-climb to my 3rd floor office left me totally out of breath, and when I would run up the steps, I could clearly feel where I ended and the fat began.  You can only understand what I’m talking about if you’ve been there.

When you’re down like that, you just have to scrabble for a handhold and pray for the will to climb.  Through such a prayer, Tip the Scales 2012! was born.

The idea was to find the self-discipline and community support to convert my fat into funding for the poorest of the poor who are served by an inspired group of missionaries called the Missionaries of the Poor.  Some initially cautioned me from a couple different perspectives, but I felt the calling was strong. Fortunately, I proceeded.

I set a goal of losing 100 lbs before Christmas.  I did not set a goal for how much money we could raise, but I did determine to raise as much as possible. The more pledges raised, I reasoned, the more incentive I would have to succeed, not to mention the greater good directed to the Missionaries of the Poor community.

So, sitting here at 275 lbs, I think it’s time for a summary of TS2012’s first 100 days:

– Lost 35 lbs toward my goal of 100

– Achieved positive weight loss in 11 out of 14 weeks

– Raised $2,920 in pledged donations

– Built online presence, including this website, Facebook, and Twitter (@tipscales2012)

– Achieved 6 of my 16 pre-defined weight-loss milestones

– Abandoned elevators whenever possible, taking stairs instead

– Successfully maintained daylight fasts (no food until sundown) every Friday this year

– Became more active, walking several times each week, laboring in the yard, etc.

– Raised my HDL from 38 to 50 (just found that out today!)

– Dropped my triglycerides from 82 to 74 (also found out today!)

– Renewed my passion for working in the yard (poison ivy notwithstanding)

– Improved my cooking versatility substantially

– Maintained much more energy throughout the day

– Virtually eliminated ibuprofen from my life (was taking daily before TS2012!)

– Finished reading Mark Sisson’s The Primal Blueprint (and think everyone who’s ever been frustrated with dieting should read it, NOW!)

– Trained myself to ignore all “no-no’s” on restaurant menus

– Helped to guide my family toward higher awareness of healthy habits

Of course, there is plenty of work to be done, from losing more weight to raising more funds, but we’re at a great place right now. After the next hundred days are up, sometime in July, I have a feeling I won’t be nearly the melting mess I have been in years past!

If you have not done so yet, please consider supporting Tip the Scales 2012! by pledging a donation to Missionaries of the Poor. Amounts are totally up to you: supporters have pledged everything from $0.25/lb all the way up to $5/lb; others have pledged a flat amount; still others have pledged certain amounts for specific achievements.  All I ask is that you prayerfully consider pledging what you can so our donation can continue to grow over the next 100 days.

If you would like to make a pledge,
please email 

Many thanks again to all of you for your generous prayers and pledges!


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