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Week 15: I'll Take it!

After Easter’s feast of confectionary delights, I wasn’t sure what the scales would read this week. The results yielded only a few ounces, but at least they were in the right direction. I’ll take it!

I’m going to take a few lines to brag on some victories from this week:

  Friday night at Kroger, all Easter candy was on sale at ridiculously low prices for all my favorites . . . $0.15 Cadbury Creme Eggs . . . $0.75 bags of Robin Eggs . . . and I managed to hold firm and just laugh it off (because I never saw them that cheap before I removed them from my lifestyle!).

  Attended a birthday celebration today for one of my son’s fellow Cub Scouts today with pizza and really alluring cupcakes. Again, I held firm. Saying “No thank you” is trying to get easier.

  Finally beginning to receive some compliments.  One of the discouraging things about losing weight when you’re as large as I was is that it takes losing a lot of weight before it even becomes noticeable. Fortunately, from here out, the weight I lose should become increasingly obvious.  I eagerly await the day someone pulls me aside and questions whether something is wrong with my health, due to my weight loss. What a compliment that will be!

Many thanks again to everyone for your support!  It’s hard to believe we’re already three months in. I can’t wait to see what the next few months brings!


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