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The Day After (Notes from Easter)

Along with Halloween and Christmas, Easter’s one of my biggest sugar days of the year. I allowed myself to let go a bit yesterday, giving myself a 1-day pass, and I had a good run (a metaphorical one, not the exercise).  Cadbury Creme Eggs, Robin Eggs, M&M’s, etc..

I pulled a couple interesting notes out of the experience.

I determined in advance that my 1-day pass would stay just that, no excuses.

I never had a sugar crash. I had kind of anticipated feeling sick afterward, but I had fully expected a crash. I take that as another sign of how my body’s adjusting to the new lifestyle, that it’s effectively managing its insulin to deal with the occasional exception to the rule.

The plain Hershey’s milk chocolate wasn’t as good as the 86% cacao dark chocolate I’ve become accustomed to eating with a dab of peanut butter.

Cadbury Eggs are still amazing! But they have a time and place: Easter day. The other 364 days of the year, they’re still “tha Devil!”

It was 4pm before I even had my first bite of sweets. I just didn’t feel the compulsion I’d expected.  In fact, I even found myself trying to force myself into eating some Easter candy as part of the celebration. Around 3:59, I thought, “the day’s practically done; why even bother eating any? You’ve done fine without it.”   A valid question indeed. Why bother?  The answer is obvious enough: DUH, because it’s Easter candy!

I haven’t had any inclination to go back to it today. My weight is up today, naturally, but my head’s right where it should be: back on track for more of that good feeling I enjoyed last week.

With continued discipline and a little continued fortune over the next 6 weeks, there’s a chance I could hit the 50-lb mark by my birthday on May 25. What an awesome gift that would be for me to give myself!


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