Falcone's Crossroads

Where This Meets That

Falcons’ Fal-Karma

Not to rejoice in the trials of fellow mankind, I have to admit feeling some cosmic justice lining up for the Falcons right now.

In the course of this one offseason, the Buccaneers hired a new head coach from Rutgers, the Saints’ halo has become a noose, and former Falcons’ coach Bobby Petrino’s character has once again been, ahem, exposed.

I just listened to the captured audio of Saints’ former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams ordering his team to injure opponents’ heads and ACL’s yesterday, and I’d be shocked if he didn’t get banned from the league for life.

Now if only the news would break that rocket man Cam Newton’s rocket feet had malfunctioned and launched him to Mars, I would call that a clean sweep.

If Mr. Dimitroff can figure out a way to upgrade the team through a limited draft instead of just standing pat, then the Falcons should be on solid ground heading into the 2012 season.


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