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A Splash of Sunshine

I had an amazing walk this morning!

After a short drive to provide a little change of scenery, I walked through a neighboring neighborhood that was bursting in blooms like a Thomas Kinkade painting or some glorious pastel fireworks show.

God radiated in the unfiltered sun and reflected off every blade of grass and every blossom’s petal.  There was no world beyond that neighborhood.

No sirens. No garbage trucks. No dogs barking. Just a thousand little birds, cheering me on.

It reminded me of a poem by Bishop Robert Morneau, called, “A Splash of Sunshine”. It  goes:

Each day I seek a sunbeam
A luminous moment of Grace
Be it a poetic passage,
A compassionate glance,
An affirmative word.
Just a single sunbeam,
Nothing more.
This morning while walking
A splash of sunshine
Fell upon a maple tree.
It was too much,
Like the Mount Tabor Epiphany
And I turned away, overwhelmed.
I walked on
Asking God to turn down His glory
Lest I, like Milton,
Too soon would lose my sight

As a side note, the scales showed a new low for me this morning (281.4) after my brief setback this past weekend. Naturally, this helped my mood, but pouring on a sunshine stroll only grew that positivity. Like a flower.

Bring it on!


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