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A Rash Decision

Spring is approaching full bloom here in metro Atlanta. One of my favorite springtime sights is the radiant purple blossoms of redbud trees.

But for me there is also an ugly side to these beautiful trees.

Several years ago, I wanted to add a couple redbuds to my yard. The easy thing to do would have been to go to Lowe’s or Home Depot, plunk down my $20 each, and roll with the 1-year guarantee.

But redbuds are everywhere here. At our last house, my parents gave me a couple saplings from their yard, and they took to my yard like peanut butter to chocolate. So, for my current yard, I decided I would just pluck some saplings from the roadside and transplant them.

Simple enough, right?


I found two seemingly nice specimens and transplanted them to a perfect place in the back of my yard.

Then the rash started. Poison ivy. For the first time in my life, poison ivy.

It broke out badly over my inner forearms and, worse, straight across my forehead where I’d wiped sweat from my brow. It was the week leading up to Easter, so I joked that I was coming down with a raging case of stigmata.

It worsened and worsened. I couldn’t resist the itch, so it worsened even more. Ever had an itch that felt sooo good to scratch that it was worth having the itch to begin with? Such was this case. And so there came a visit to the doctor, then antibiotics and steroids, then . . . well, the realization that it would have been cheaper to just go to Lowe’s to begin with.

Soon after, a storm dropped a limb on one of the two transplants, destroying it. Now, four years later, the other has yet to give me any purple blossoms. I’m starting to wonder whether it’s even a true redbud; the leaves look like a match, but its growth has been much slower than my previous redbuds, and those bloomed beautifully within two years of planting.

On Sunday, I bit the bullet and bought a redbud from Lowe’s for $16.99. I’ll call that a bargain.


3 comments on “A Rash Decision

  1. pouringmyartout
    March 26, 2012

    I knew a couple that… uh… slept in poison oak on the night of their senior prom. Not all bushes are good for fooling around in on a dark night. I want to visit your lovely part of the country some day soon. My wife’s aunt and uncle are there now in their big-ass motor home. The pictures they are sending are awesome. Also, I would like to see the civil war battle fields.

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