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Week 10: Over 1/4 the Way There!

I’m down another 3.6 pounds this week, bringing my total lost to 27.2!

This marks another welcome milestone left by the “weighside” en route to my 2012 goal of 100 pounds:  I’m over 1/4 of the way there!

Thanks again for all your prayers and support!

TS2012! Lenten Challenge is CANCELLED
As we step out on some limbs with our lives, we assuredly will find some that won’t bear the weight of our visions.  This Lenten Challenge appears to be just such a limb.

Due to the value of the prizes, I had reserved in the rules the right to cancel it if it had no participants by this past Friday, March 9.  Despite my best efforts to publicize it, it just never grew legs.  But all is not lost! This was just one of a few peripheral avenues I’d explored to help boost funding for MOP.

If you have any suggestions of your own, I’d love to hear them; just drop me a line or comment here on the blog.  Meantime, I’ll continue striving toward my 100-lb goal; it all starts with that, after all.

MOP Concerts
Remember to get your tickets for the upcoming Missionaries of the Poor performances in metro Atlanta.

We also have tickets to sell, so if you plan to attend the St. John Neumann performances, you can email me at tipthescales2012@gmail.com.

If you would like to support my weight loss with either a
per-pound or flat donation, please send an email to tipthescales2012@gmail.com.


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