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Week 9 Update

Hi All!

Sorry to be a day late this week;  I was in Chattanooga with my youngest son this weekend on a scout trip and simply didn’t have a chance to put together this update when I got home.

I weighed in on Saturday this week since I wouldn’t be home on Sunday.  I was down 3.5 lbs, for a total loss to date of 23.6 lbs since January 8.

We’re also up another $20, putting us one step closer to $3,000 in total pledges. Please help spread the word on this, because, frankly, I see no reason why we can’t blast past the $3k mark all the way to $5k or even $10k by the end of the challenge!

MOP Concerts

Remember to get your tickets for the upcoming Missionaries of the Poor performances in Northeast Atlanta.  My wife Christy heard a few songs performed yesterday at a Mass at St. Ann in Marietta and said they were beautiful.

We also have tickets to sell, so if you plan to attend the St. John Neumann performances, you can email me at tipthescales2012@gmail.com.  Note: I had previously posted that I planned to be at the St. John Neumann performances, but in a bittersweet scheduling conflict, I will instead be away on a men’s retreat that weekend. 😦

TS2012! Lenten Challenge
I have received some questions on the Lenten Challenge but so far no takers.  If you’re interested in participating, please let me know by THIS FRIDAY, March 9!

If you are interested in joining the cause with a per-pound donation OR participating in the Lenten Challenge, please send an email to tipthescales2012@gmail.com.


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