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Falcone’s Friday Five: Notes on 8 Weeks of Weight-Loss

On January 8, I officially began my mission to lose 100 pounds.  Today, nearly 8 weeks in, I’ve been fortunate enough to average losing nearly 3lbs/week.  In addition, all my health numbers are looking spunky & spry (although I gotta boost my HDL a bit).

So here are five observations that jump out after my first 8 weeks.

1)  Fewer Headaches  Prior to changing my eating habits, I was regularly taking ibuprofen for headaches – nearly everyday. I just attributed it to having four kids.  As of today, I think I’ve taken merely two doses of ibuprofen in the last eight weeks!

2) Belly Stays Put-Away  It was awful to know my belly was making a habit of peeking out from under my once-loose t-shirts.  I mean, awful.  It’s so great to again have some room to spare!

3) Belts are Back  As a result of having a little extra fabric in my shirts, I can tuck them in again – and they stay in!  So, I’ve reintegrated my belt into my daily rotation.

4) Watch me Flex  It’s amazing how inflexible I was 8 weeks ago.  Not inflexible because my joints and ligaments were any different but just because of all the bulk that was in my way.  Now I can reach the middle of my back again, cross my legs without using my hands to pull them crossed, and simply pull on shorts without having to brace for balance.

5) Obesity is an Addiction  For me, at least.  I’m predisposed to being fat because I truly have certain food addictions.  I have not had a single Girl Scout cookie this year, and I quite literally can not.  Likewise with my favorite Easter candy, the Cadbury Creme Egg.  Likewise with Quik-Trip “Hole Bunch” donuts.  These things are, like the Waterboy’s mama would declare, “the DEVIL!”

For more information on my challenge, please visit Tip the Scales 2012!


3 comments on “Falcone’s Friday Five: Notes on 8 Weeks of Weight-Loss

  1. Fantastic, we’re proud of you. The positive is being able to live a little more now with the weight gone.

  2. pouringmyartout
    March 2, 2012

    As a fellow weight battler, I support you in your quest. You go, boy.

  3. Grande Falcone
    March 2, 2012

    Thanks Mom & PMAO! Support helps.

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