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Super Bowl, Etc.

Well, it’s all come down to this.

Gotta say I’m surprised that neither Green Bay nor New Orleans are representing the NFC in tonight’s big game. Then again, neither of them played the Falcons in the playoffs. The last four teams to defeat the Falcons in the postseason (Eagles, Cardinals, Packers, & Giants) have gone on to appear in the Super Bowl.

Some consolation to know that the Falcons were again shown the door by the eventual conference champs? Not really.

I’m pulling for the Pats in this game, because I’d like to see Brady sport one more ring.

I’m picking the Giants, though. I just think the NFC is the stronger conference right now. The last team to beat the Patriots? The Giants in Week 9. In Foxboro.

Lots of interesting story lines that you’ve no doubt been force-fed all week. I’ll rehash the most interesting from my perspective:

1) Brady vs. the Mannings – Sounds like something you’d remember from the bus stop as a kid. “Y’all remember that time ol’Peyton’s neck was hurt, an’is li’l brother Eli had to stand up to that Brady bully?” OK, maybe not so much, but it’s still intriguing how much of a spotlight the Brady-Eli storyline has gotten in its own right after so many of us spent the past decade drooling over the Brady-Peyton matchups every season.

2) Eli to potentially have the most Super Bowl rings in the Manning family? Really? Wow. He still doesn’t look as smart as his big brother.

3) Who has more to lose? Clearly Brady does, being later in his career. I’d hate for him to have to go back home to his supermodel wife . . . nevermind. Clearly, Eli does.

4) How cool would it be for the Patriots to win one in honor of Myra, the wife of owner Robert Kraft who died before the season? Sorry to the haters out there, but I think the Pats are a class organization from the top down.

5) Isn’t it strange how quickly things turn for Giants coach Tom Coughlin? It seems like he’s on the hot seat every season. Two Super Bowls in, I hope the Big Blue can finally stuff it.


This season started off as uncertain as any in recent memory, with the lockout impacting supposedly vital pre-season work. Ironically, teams who stood to suffer the most (Carolina with rookie Cam, Cincinnati with the rookie red Texan, San Fran with Harbaugh II) from the impact seemed far ahead of expectations.

There were great stories that developed throughout, and it ended perhaps two plays away from two brothers coaching their teams in the Super Bowl.

In many ways, though, this season seems like a precursor to something far greater in 2012. Like Jack Bauer disconnecting the nuke at the 23:59:55 mark only for the bomb to pop forth a flag saying, “Gotcha! The real bomb is on the other coast!”

Will Cam Newton take the next step since nobody took his OC Chudzinski to be their lawful head coach?
Will Jim Harbaugh duplicate this season’s success in San Fran? And will he do it with Alex Smith or a certain #18?
Will Tim Tebow’s offseason starter treatment also include giving him an offensive line and consistent hands?
And is Elway being faithful behind closed doors or wooing a certain #18?
Or will bachelor #18 spend next season swimming with dolphins or perching with cardinals in the cactus spines of Arizona?

All these and more can only be answered next year, same “bat times” and same “bat channels”.

Thus, we all must wait. At least this season will end with a valiant battle between great and accomplished elements on both sides of the ball.

GOOO FALCONS! (Yes, please go and get some help on the offensive line!)


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