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Falcone’s NFL Picks – Conference Championships

Well, so far I’m 2 out of 8 in the playoffs . . . a consistent 1 out of 4 each weekend. Now we finally reach the big day that decides who will be left standing in the Super Bowl, and for these picks, I’m going purely with my heart.

Giants at 49ers – And just like that, my heart is torn. Do I root for the Giants to continue the tradition of teams who defeated the Falcons in the playoffs only to reach the Super Bowl? Or do I root for this season’s “Cinderella” to kill the Giants? I’ll take the latter, just . . . because. 49ers

Ravens at Patriots – I don’t want to in any way endorse a Ravens appearance in the Super Bowl, so I’m going Patriots here. I once saw an interview with Tom Brady, after his third Super Bowl ring, in which he was asked which ring was the sweetest. His answer: “The next one.” I’d like to see him get another shot more than I’d like to see Flacco and Lewis and company round out a “Harbaugh Bowl”. Patriots


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