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Falconotes – Offensive Offense

As ugly as the today’s playoff loss was, I really think it boils down to one festering thorn: Offensive Coordinator Mike Mularkey.

How does an offense with all the talent of Atlanta’s get held scoreless? And not only scoreless, but also held out of even sniffing the red zone?

After the humiliating loss to the Packers last year, management decided they didn’t have enough “explosiveness” on offense. In comes Julio Jones. Now, don’t get me wrong, I think Julio was a great acquisition who certainly gave the Falcons more explosiveness.

The problem is, player personnel wasn’t the problem.

I said after the Falcons’ week 10 loss to the Saints that,

“the offense has reached its potential with Mularkey. . . . Mularkey’s erratic play calling has repeatedly sold short an offense that could and should be among the top three or four in the league. The Falcons’ offense will not lead the way to the promised land under his command.”

Today demonstrated that, in spades.

I hear Tampa is looking for a new coach. Yeah, that would be a welcome move.


One comment on “Falconotes – Offensive Offense

  1. Anonymous
    January 10, 2012

    NOOOOO!!! Van Gorder left instead! That’s the wrong coordinator!!!

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