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Falcone’s NFL 2011 Review and Wildcard Weekend Predictions

After going 10-6 in week 17, my total regular season record was 158-71, or 69%.  For comparison, SI.com’s Peter King’s accuracy was 64.5%, so I’m going to pat myself on the back in homage to our nation’s forefathers for defeating the King!*

A review of my playoff predictions from mid-season shows that I nailed everything except that I shortchanged the Lions and Bengals in lieu of the Bears and Jets, respectively. To be fair, I didn’t know Bears QB Jay Cutler would go down in week 11, and I underestimated Rex Ryan’s ability to utterly destroy the Jets franchise.

To that end . . .

Biggest Surprises (teams): Big props to the Lions and Bengals for making the playoffs this year!

Biggest Busts:
– Chargers and Cowboys EVERY year. What overrated franchises.
– Eagles and Jets this year. Should’ve smelled trouble out of Philly when Vince Young, of all people, declared them the “dream team”.

– The Chargers fired Marty Schottenheimer after taking them to a 14-2 regular season record in his fifth year. They retained Norv Turner after going 8-8 in his fifth season.  They continue to get the mediocrity they deserve.

– Windbag Rex Ryan should have been on the first train out of town. How is a very capable Sanchez supposed to develop under a head coach who publicly calls him down?  I had a boss call me stupid, privately, one time, and I quit the job.  I feel for Sanchez and would like to see him blossom under someone with a clue.

Quote of the Year:
“Time to shut up, fat boy!” – Giants’ Brandon Jacobs to Jets’ Coach Rex Ryan, who had talked his usual trash before the game.

Now for my picks for Wildcard Weekend:

– Bengals at Texans – I think the Bengals take this one by a hair. Should be a defensive struggle, but I really like what the “Red Texan” (Bengals rookie QB Andy Dalton) has done this season, not to mention A.J. Green.  BENGALS

– Lions at Saints – The Saints just might make it back to the Super Bowl this year. Not to take away from what the Lions have done, but they’re too one dimensional on offense and too soft against the pass. Brees puts on another show in a game full of fireworks.  SAINTS

– Falcons at Giants – This one’s honestly a coin flip. It just depends on which Falcons show up to play which Giants. As long as the Falcons bring their “A-game”, they win. That’s my pick.  FALCONS

– Steelers at Broncos – This is kind of like David and Goliath, except that this Goliath is already bound and gagged. The Steelers are hobbled at nearly every position. I still think Goliath wiggles free a pinky and wins by a nail.  STEELERS

What do you think? Do you agree?

*In the spirit of full disclosure, my record does not count week 9, which I missed due to other priorities.


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