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Falcone’s Friday Five: Great Albums from the Past Decade

I’ve already written about a couple albums from the last year or two that I really love, so I’m going to suggest a few more here and try to name some that you likely haven’t ever heard before.

Sam Roberts – We Were Born in a Flame (2003)
This was a treat for me that came out of the SARS outbreak years back. I happened to be in Toronto during the Molson Canadian Rocks for Toronto benefit concert (A.K.A. “SARSStock”) and caught some of Roberts’ performance on the hotel lounge TV.  His name was all over the place up there at the time, his sound being compared to the Beatles. I sprung for the CD and it was all my wife and I listened to for about four months. Definitely some heavy Beatles elements but also reminiscent of the Strokes and others. Highlights: Don’t Walk Away Eileen, Wreck of a Life, Hard Road

Liam Finn – I’ll Be Lightning (2008)
Great debut by another artist reminiscent of the Beatles.  Finn’s album a little more like the later Beatles than the Roberts album, rich with experimentation but still bolstered by strong songwriting. Highlights: Remember When, Wise Man

Federico Aubele – Panamericana (2007)
Aubele is an Argentine gem I unearthed through iTunes.  He describes his music as a fusion of styles found throughout the Americas, but the strongest elements are traditional latin styles and ambient. This is the perfect soundtrack for a bottle of a good Chilean red!  Highlights: La Orilla, En Cada Lugar

Kevn Kinney – Broken Hearts and Auto Parts (2002)
Kinney has been one of my favorite songwriters since my days as a Drivin’N’Cryin fanatic in high school.  This album is a high point blend of his best folk with a full band sound.  Highlights: Lights On, A Good Country Mile

Arcade Fire – Funeral (2004)
It’s always great to hear an artist create something truly unique, and it’s even better when it works.  Funeral was just intriguing enough on the first listen to draw me back for the all-important second and third listens. I would be reaching to describe influences (maybe Pixies?), so I won’t. Just a unique rock album with an eclectic collection of instrumentation and styles. Highlights: Wake Up, Haiti


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