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Movie Review: Courageous – 2011, Alex Kendrick

Courageous is the newest film from Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, GA, which previously released Facing the Giants and their 2008 breakthrough Fireproof.

The film revisits the theme of Christian leadership in the home, this time specifically targeting the importance of active fatherhood.  The film’s main protagonist, Adam Mitchell (played by writer/director Alex Kendrick), is a police officer regularly dealing with drug and gang-related crime.  At home, he has drifted into a passive relationship with his two children and an especially strained relationship with his teenage son.

When tragedy strikes, Mitchell’s eyes are opened, and he finds new passion for his vocation as a father.

At over two hours, Courageous is also their most ambitious film to date. While it runs perhaps fifteen minutes longer than necessary, it stays afloat with a strong screenplay that effectively interweaves several plot lines to hit the subject from different perspectives.

Courageous does preach, of course, but you know that going in and should either already be “in the choir” or at least ready to listen. In that context, Courageous is an inspiring film that delivers a rich reminder for all fathers to live up to their calling.

I loved it and look forward to the DVD!

Courageous score: 4 Falcone Rings

3 comments on “Movie Review: Courageous – 2011, Alex Kendrick

  1. tacticalmom
    January 6, 2012

    Read the book and loved it. I didn’t catch it in the theaters but I am looking forward to picking it up when it comes out…the 17th, I think.

  2. Grande Falcone
    January 6, 2012

    Thanks for the heads up! I will get the DVD when it does come out; didn’t realize it was so soon. I just took my 6-year old son and his friend to see it at the local dollar theater for a bargain.

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