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Falcone’s NFL Picks – Week 16 (Santa’s Colors)

Transcript of my phone call to the North Pole this week, from my end:

“Santa Claus, just what do you think you’re doing?! You serve up an entertaining weekend of football like this at a time when we need to be embracing family, singing carols, and celebrating Jesus’s birth?  I mean, even the bad games should at least be close and exciting. . .”

“What’s that? Oh, as a reward for keeping myself only mildly distracted from the truly important things this weekend, you’re going to reward me with a legendary Falcons upset of the Saints on Monday night in New Orleans?!?!

“Oh, thank you Santa! Sorry? Oh, yes, I’ll be a much better boy next year! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

There you have it, straight from the Saint who wears the Falcons colors.

All my picks are below. I’m now 137-60 after going 10-6 last week.


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