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It’s Tebow Time! (The Saga Continues . . .)

As I’ve stated before, I’m a proud “Tebower”. Tim Tebow is one of two Florida Gators I have ever rooted for (Danny Wuerffel was the other). The guy’s got plenty of technical flaws when it comes to quarterbacking in the NFL, but he’s a pure winner.

The intrigue behind the Tebow story builds when viewed through the prism of Bronco legend John Elway, now serving the Broncos organization as executive vice president. From the start, Elway demured on the prospect of Tebow as the Broncos’ potential long term solution at quarterback. As a legend at the position himself, I think Elway buys in to the prototypical model of NFL quarterbacks.

Tebow is way outside the proverbial box. He’s got a release that can be clocked via sundial as accurately as a stopwatch, and it rarely comes out a clean spiral. Nonetheless, he’s got undeniable charisma, an NFL record five fourth quarter comeback victories in his first ten starts, and statistics that, as ugly as they are, still surpass Elway’s own at this point in his career. More importantly, the team clearly buys into him.

In his heart, I don’t think Elway views Tebow as a legitimate quarterback, but, of course, he can’t deny the winning ways. And with the Broncos surprisingly now in a leading position to make the playoffs, not to mention that Tebow’s popularity among the fan base seems to be rattling even Elway’s franchise equity, Elway has little choice but to start trying to enjoy the ride.

I’ve had the below silly picture idea in mind that I’ve wanted to make for a few weeks, but after Denver’s crazy victory against Chicago last week and the slim prospects against the Patriots this week, the timing was right; I couldn’t put it off any longer!

As a side note, an acquaintance told me the other day, “Tebow is Rudolph. Think about it”. Hmmm, I can see it now … 🙂


2 comments on “It’s Tebow Time! (The Saga Continues . . .)

  1. Scott Sholar
    December 17, 2011

    Thanks for sharing. God bless you. I wrote a piece on Tim about a month ago: http://scottsholar.com/2011/11/18/not-ashamed-of-the-gospel/

  2. Grande Falcone
    December 17, 2011

    Scott, thanks for your input! I enjoyed your OP, too. Tebow seems to be a truly great man and genuine in his faith, and he is on an amazing journey!

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