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At the Crossroads of Krystal and White Castle

Sprawling across the beautiful northern Tennessee countryside is a long-standing but often overlooked battleground.  To the north lies White Castle, the great founders and defenders of square Midwestern midget-burgers, while south lies the imitator chain, Krystal.

I loved Krystal burgers as a kid but rarely eat them anymore. However, when my family makes the occasional trip up to Kentucky to visit relatives and friends, White Castle is always on the menu.  My wife and I love their “Slider” burgers (don’t ask where the term “slider” originally came from . . . you probably don’t want to know).  Our kids are crazy for their chicken rings. Yes, I did say “chicken rings”.

On our way home from Kentucky after Thanksgiving last week, we sought one last White Castle fix and stopped in at what we believe to be the southernmost White Castle on I-65, just above Nashville.

As you can see in the recently declassified Krystallian reconnaissance photo to the right, we were right on the front lines of this near-century-old conflict, a mere Frogger-jaunt away from the Slider-slingers’ southern square-burger-serving rivals.

We had imagined such a day when we might happen upon the front lines like this, each fast food bastion fortified behind chili cheese fried barricades, employees of each heaving flaming condiment cocktails toward the other, those of White Castle stomp-squirting streams of golden-brown Dusseldorf mustard to throw back the sharp yellow sprays from their Krystallian invaders. 

But, alas, it was nothing like that. In fact, it was pretty much like any other intersection with pretty much any two other fast food eateries opposite each other.

In fact, you could describe it as “square”.  But tasty. Kind of like a Slider!

Incidentally, while writing this post, I gave into the urge to hit the local Krystal.


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