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My Father’s Voice

This week, I ran across a poem I’d sketched out in the days after our youngest daughter Ava was born.  Due to the sleep deprivation during those days, the poem was a jumble but workable, so I dusted it off and polished it up.  It’s really a prayer as much as a poem, meditating on parallels between the beautiful mysteries of birth and death.

I hope you enjoy!

My Father’s Voice

Will you hold me at the resurrection
As I hold my baby now?
Drawing me in so warmly close and
Singing to me so softly sweet?
Will your heart shine as mine does now
And your delighted tears baptize me anew?

Of course, oh Lord, I recognize already the
Ringing of greater things outside this uterine world.
A faceless voice singing words undefined, new
Wine pouring forth from a timeless vine, and
Nourishing food that I need not chew.

I know always there is you.
And as your light one day calls me forth to join you there,
Might I remember then my new baby girl now,
How she turns her head among all that is foreign to find my voice.
“There,” she follows, “that voice I know, and I know that voice is good!”
Unable yet to reckon, she already knows her father’s voice.
And now she may see me, too!

So will it be for me at the resurrection?
My naked new body, shameless as my baby and helpless but for you,
Utterly unknowing and yet not needing to know.
As you sing, will I turn my head and follow,
“There, that voice I know, and I know that voice is good!
“It sung to me in the womb, but I could not understand.
“Now I know, that is my father’s voice.
“And now I may see him, too!”

Will you hold me at the resurrection
As I hold my baby now?
Of course you will, oh Lord,
Of course you will!


2 comments on “My Father’s Voice

  1. Shirley Whiteside McCormack
    October 8, 2011

    Wonderful showing love as only a father (parent) can.

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