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Happy Blog Birthday, Blog!

Today marks one year since I posted my first blog. Happy Blog Birthday, Blog!

By the Numbers

63 total posts

Over 3,000 views of the site

Biggest day was August 1st with 113 views

28 active subscribers

Thanks to ALL of you who have checked out my blog over the past year!

As you know, I attempt to cover a diverse array of topics at these Crossroads. I can’t expect to appeal to you in every post, but I do hope you’ll stick around for those posts you do enjoy.

Year 2

Over the coming year, I hope to post more frequently, though probably less lengthily in general (I do have a career and family, after all).

In addition to funny little anecdotes from daily life, you can expect an increase in brief reviews of movies, books, and music.  I will probably also delve more frequently into politics, with the forthcoming election year.  And, of course, I will continue sharing my journey in faith.

Thanks again for sharing the past year with me, and I hope you’ll continue our walk for the next one!

Diversity Means . . . 

To close, I’ll share a wonderful piece of prose that my fourth grade daughter just wrote on what diversity means to her. I’m proud to say that she only changed one word based on adult input; the rest is all her. Enjoy!

We, as in everyone to walk the Earth, may be different by ideas, by cultures, by color, and by faith. But everyone is equal to his or her neighbor by heart because we are all children of God and God made us to have differences and similarities but to all love each other for those differences and similarities. Diversity means to me that even though we look different and may act different, we should love each other no matter what. It doesn`t matter if you`re tall, short, thin, fat, black, or white. It doesn`t even matter if you`re red or yellow, because God loves us all equally. We are so lucky to be different. We are also so lucky to have God guiding us on our journey through life!


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