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Falconotes: Week 1 – Chicago Bears

What an atrocious first game! I’ll do my best to keep the give equal time to the positives and negatives, for my own sake.

The good news: I’d prepared myself for a 4-4 record over the first half of the season.

The bad news: I’d had no doubts about getting a victory in Chicago.


The good news: Ryan’s passes were crisp, accurate, and for the most part good decisions. Urlacher’s interception was just a great play by big baldy.

The bad news: No. Offensive. Touchdowns. That’s offensive!


The good news: The field is only 100 yards, and the game is only 60 minutes.

The bad news: The Falcons linebackers and secondary forgot how to tackle.


The good news: Julio looked good and showed soft hands.

The bad news:  Kroy Bierman Tony Gonzalez had the team’s longest reception. (Is Roddy allowed routes over 10 yards?)


The good news: The offensive line opened some really nice holes for Turner.

The bad news: Pass protection totally fell apart in second half.


The good news: Cutler sacked 5 times for minus 23 yards

The bad news: Ryan sacked 5 times for minus 43 yards


The good news: Defensive front looked solid with 4 sacks (2 for Abraham) and a pick-six.

The bad news: Fumbles. Penalties. Special teams. An alarming lack of fundamentals.


The good news: Coach Smith has shown an impressive ability to follow up their worst with their best a week later.

The bad news: If you’re counting, that’s a cumulative score of 33-78 across the Falcons’ last two non-preseason games; not a good trend heading into the Eagles’ visit next Sunday night.

Extra Points . . .

– Speaking of the Eagles . . . it will be their quarterback’s first game in Atlanta since ol’Arkansas got their new coach.  The hype will be palpable.

– I absolutely loved the Jim Cornelison’s rendition of the National Anthem before the game. It dazzled with gusto!



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