Falcone's Crossroads

Where This Meets That

Imperfect Strangers

Ever encounter a stranger who reminds you strongly of someone you know?

Same laugh or some unspoken mannerism . . .

Perhaps the way they wear their hats or inflect their voices . . .

Just . . . something.

I remember one particular evening when I was dining out and found myself surrounded by strangers who reminded me of other people I knew.  Nearly everyone in this restaurant seemed familiar.

Strange feeling.

Just because of “the way I am”, I started thinking . . . what if each of these people had tried out for a respective “part” in this story that is my life (the “part” of the person they reminded me of) but didn’t get the part?

Maybe they were only “extras” in the grand play?

I quipped that maybe this restaurant was where all the extras hang out.

Funny thought.  Until I realized what that made me.


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