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Forward for Riches! (Or Don’t for Doom!)

Email is a blessing and a curse. There is perhaps no simpler, more convenient medium for communication, especially mass communication. Unfortunately, that means that most of us get way too much of it.

Of particular annoyance to me are emails that promise their own conditional blessings and curses.

Forward this to at least 10 people and you will have a blessed day . . .  

If you don’t forward this, then don’t be surprised when a piano falls on your head . . .

Sadly, I’ve received numerous wonderful stories on email that I would love to share with everyone I know. But then the email closes requesting that I do so, and more often than not, the request taints the entire message for me.  Thus my personal policy stands that I will NOT forward any email that asks me to do so with promises of resulting fortunes, good or bad.

If such an email is particularly moving, I might make an exception and first try to verify its authenticity. If it checks out, I will then delete the self-promoting postscript and distribute it to a focused distribution.

Thus far, I am relieved to find myself no less blessed for keeping such policies. My teeth are not piano keys, nor have my eyes been pecked out by bus stop pigeons. Granted, neither have I found a random pocket jackpot or awakened to a room full of genie women fanning me and feeding me grapes.

I hear other people complain about these emails, too, yet I often receive these emails from those same people. They always start out something like, “I usually don’t forward these kinds of emails, but this story about a puppy saved from a bucket of tar was just too touching not to share . . .” then regretfully finish much the same as the countless other similar emails that the sender had previously so steadfastly resisted forwarding on . . . “Please, for your dog’s sake, forward this to every dog owner you know. Your dog will love you for it!”

This dog???

If you share my plight, you’re not alone. Most of us just need a friendly reminder now and then.  So if you, too, would like to see a world free of these emails, please forward this blog post to everyone you know immediately. If you don’t, there’s no telling what will happen.

Have a nice day!


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